Family Activities in Kelowna You Can Enjoy Any Day

In Kelowna, family fun comes naturally, and this is supported by many amenities and neighborhoods that are family friendly. In this side of Canada, you don’t need to force your kids to have fun because they will enjoy what this city has to offer.

Family bonding activities in Kelowna

Swimming and snorkeling

There are more than 30 beaches combined in Kelowna and West Kelowna. Boasting of crystal-clear waters, there is every opportunity to snorkel and test those goggles’ visual quality.

Long stretch of sand makes the perfect venue to create sandcastles and make use of those buckets and shovels.

Family hiking

With hiking trails suitable for all experience levels, you don’t need to limit hiking to adults and young teens. You don’t need to leave behind your little tots to indulge in this outdoor activity.

Your choice of high king trails includes:

  • Kettle Valley Railway Trestles (Difficulty: 1/10)
  • Paul’s Tomb on Knox Mountain (Difficulty: 2/10)
  • Bear Creek (Difficulty: 3/10)
  • Kalamoir Park (Difficulty: 3/10)

Make cycling a family affair

As a bike friendly community, Kelowna offers families 300 km of on-street cycle lanes and 40 km of separated paved multi-use trails.

Myra Canyon Trestles is a family-friendly, flat 12-kilometre cycle trail that starts at the Myra Forest Service Road. Along the way, you’ll pass by a part of the decommissioned Kettle Valley Railway, 18 trestle bridges, wide wooden trails with railings, two tunnels, and a tree-lined rocky canyon.

Grab a bite in family friendly restaurants

What makes a restaurant suitable for the entire family?

A large selection of food, so there is something for everyone. That is, when you ask the youngest member of the family what they want to eat, the menu can provide.

  • Denny’s offers a diverse menu and all-day breakfast for the whole family. There’s even a menu for seniors and special kids.
  • White Spot is a family dining establishment with a dinner style food menu served within contemporary atmosphere.
  • Boston Pizza is a full-service, family-friendly restaurant that serves pizza pasta burgers & sandwiches salads and a host of other goodies.

Pick fruits with the family

Fruit picking is fun and enjoyable when done with other members of the family. From strawberries to plums and raspberries to cherries, there are lots of fruits that everyone can pick right off a tree or a garden.

U-pick farms are where you can enjoy farm-to-table activity. You can pick fruits that you can eat right in the orchard, on a picnic, or to take home with you.

Fruit picking season usually starts at the end of June and cherries are is the first fruits ready to be picked. The entire family would enjoy learning the proper ways to pick different fruits.

Have fun with your family pet outdoors

There are many dog-friendly activities that you can enjoy in Kelowna. Choose from 18 off-leash dog parks and plenty dog friendly trails where you can take your dog for a hike, walk, and beach frolicking.

Knox Mountain Park is a dog-friendly trail that offers easy to difficult hikes and stretches 5 kilometres.

Other family-friendly activities in Kelowna are horseback riding, stand-up paddleboard (SUP), sailboat, charter boat, wake boat, pedal-boat, flyboard, kayak, and canoe.

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