Interior design ideas Kelowna homeowners should incorporate into their homes

Are you planning to renovate your home in Kelowna?

Consider it as an opportunity for an incredible transformation, giving your home a new look without sacrificing functionality. This means incorporating modern interior design elements that stick instead of passing trends.

In Kelowna, some of the best home renovation ideas combine function with appealing aesthetics.

Interior home design ideas Kelowna homeowners love

Needs-specific kitchen design

For decades, the traditional rectangular island and kitchen layout has been the go-to design choice. Not anymore.

Designers are giving way to abnormal shapes that work best to the specific style of a room. The size and shape are no longer a limitation but a basis for design.

Cabinets drawers and pantries remain a vital element to any kitchen, but they are outfitted with custom organizational features for better functionality.

Creativity has also made its way to the kitchen design, where artistic and practical elements are used—patterned tile backsplash that goes up to the ceiling, a wall of accent windows, or a sliding door that separates and connects the kitchen to other areas of a house for more entertainment opportunities.

Expression of individuality and personality

Every homeowner wants their interior design to reflect their style and preferences. One way to achieve this is to use patterns and designs in the way you decorate your home.

Want to incorporate natural designs? Use quartz or wood with deep color contrasts.

Want to inject uniform patterns into your kitchen or bathroom? Use tiles on floors and backsplashes to create a pattern.

Use of gorgeous materials for the home interior

  • Printed shiplap for when you want a relaxed decorative scheme when you want to create a casual space.
  • Painted wood for bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
  • Quartz for bathroom and kitchen counters.
  • Wood flooring combined with wood wall panels to achieve a wood-on-wood look.
  • A combination of metal and stone.

Include one or two of this selection of materials, for a Kelowna home with a stunning interior design.

Splashes of modern colors

Bright white is taking a backseat and giving way for more muted and creamier hue to be on the forefront.

Various shades of gray remain popular and can be combined with cream. Other color schemes are teal and blue in lighter and darker shades.

As for cabinet color, black is increasingly becoming a popular choice.

How to choose the right interior design

  • Know what your style is and work with different design ideas. If you’re a fan of minimalism, for instance, incorporating modern interior design is easy. It gets a bit tricky if you are a bit eccentric or prefer bolder colors.
  • Draw inspiration from designer portfolios. They’re the best sources for interior design ideas you may not know of. If you’re struggling to put your visions on paper, designer portfolios will serve as your guide.
  • Find out how much you will spend on an interior redesign. No point in having grand ideas if you can’t pay for them.
  • Consult with designers. Based on their portfolios, choose at least three interior designers you want to work with and meet with them. You’ll be surprised at the other design ideas they can offer you.

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