Living Your Best Life in the Okanagan’s Custom-Built Luxury Homes

When you have the mountains, a lake, some vineyards and one of the best weathers, you know that you moved to the right place.

The Okanagan Valley is every bit dreamy in real life as it is in photographs, which is why it’s no surprise that a lot of people from in and outside Canada has chosen it their new home.

Kelowna has especially attracted many residents over the last few years with its stunning landscapes, ideal lifestyle and a median home cost of only $638,667, which is one of the lowest when compared to its neighboring cities.

But what really makes the Okanagan a great place to settle down is its custom-built luxury homes.

Here’s why:

You don’t just get a home, you also get a view.

Perhaps its stunning landscape is one of the Okanagan region’s strongest marketing points. If you buy a custom-built luxury home in Kelowna, for instance, you get to wake up amazing views of either the Okanagan Lake or the beautiful mountains.

The top three neighborhoods in Kelowna—Upper Mission, Kettle Valley and Lower Mission—offer some of the best views in all of British Columbia.

You get your dream home exactly the way you want it.

When you invest in the Okanagan real estate, you’re not just buying a luxury home, but you’re building a home that fits your exact lifestyle. Custom-built luxury homes are some of the best you’ll ever see in British Columbia and they are designed with you in mind.

Whether you like it simple or you want to go all out with your home, the Okanagan has some of the best builders in the industry to cater to your every need.

You get your dream home for less.

The Okanagan region, specifically Kelowna, has one of the lowest median home costs in all of Canada. This is why a lot of people have invested in a home in the area because they get to maximize their budget and still enjoy the amenities that they want in a dream home.

Talk to a real estate agent in the area to see what your options are with your budget.

Of course, moving to the Okanagan means living your best life. The city offers a lot of jobs for young professionals and opportunities for virtual workers and entrepreneurs. But what really makes it attractive is its lifestyle. Commute here is short because you don’t have that traffic jam to deal with every day.

You’re also in close proximity to almost everything—from cafes to stores, business establishments to restaurants and even vineyards and beaches. The Okanagan region is also home to some of the best outdoor activities, especially since it enjoys favorable weather all year round.

The summers here are mild and the winters are not as unforgiving as the other parts of Canada with only 137 days of snow or rain every year.

What more could you really ask for? The Okanagan’s custom-built luxury homes are worth every bit of your investment.

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