One of the best parts of Predator Ridge is our team of loyal and dedicated staff that put their all into delivering a world-class experience to our community, members and guests.

One thing you may not know, and that we’re most proud of is how many team members we have who have been here for 10 years+. Through our 30th anniversary celebrations, we will showcase and introduce you to a new team member (or two) each week who is part of our decade club.

This week we’re featuring Jason Horkoff, a member of our construction team. Jason has been a part of the Predator Ridge team since 2010. He’s held a variety of roles including a finishing carpenter, resort maintenance, construction service/warranty, and currently he works on the final closings of home sales.

Favourite Predator Ridge Memory?

The energy around this place was unreal during the 2008 Telus skins game. Witnessing the elites put on such an amazing showdown was definitely epic. Also all the year-end staff golf parties , lunch BBQ’s and Xmas dinners have always bin memorable times.

What’s your favourite part of working at Predator Ridge?

Bringing family and friends to this amazing place so they are able to experience what we see everyday. Taking my son around the golf course and watching him hit the ball around makes me realize how lucky we are.

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of that you completed at Predator Ridge?

Playing a part in the building of such a unique and wonderful community and watching it grow and evolve over the years is very rewarding and also an accomplishment that I’m very proud of.

Fun fact about you?

I was born on the same day as Prince Harry and Jussie Smollet. June 21, 1982. Happy Birthday Jason!


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