Modern home pet friendly ideas

As the name suggests, it involves renovating your home to suit your pet needs while keeping the interior design of your home as tidy as possible. With the increased number of indoor pets, it is more necessary than ever to make your home a harmonious living space for both you and your furry friends. It is both a practical and functional approach to interior design that doesn’t necessarily compromise on style and elegance. It constitutes a seamless blend of function and function offering the best flooring choices and practical furniture selections. Pet proofing your humble abode makes it safe, comfortable and stylish for every member of your family using beautiful interiors that merge fashion and function. For successful pet proofing, ensure you therefore consider the following;

 Luxury considerations.

When choosing luxurious decorations for your pet proofing ideas, take time to consider the practical implications they will encounter; shedding of fur and cleaning them if you are going for softer furnishings without sacrificing on your stylish ideas.

Stay away from pet hair prone fabrics like velvet, mohair and corduroy which easily gather pet hair and get damaged. Instead go for smoother hardwearing materials like leather and synthetic materials which will not show claw marks, mud and fur especially if your pet likes sitting on chairs

In the case of pets that like chewing and scratching on table legs and cloths, use metal alternatives which are a deterrent to pets feasting on them. Its sleek shiny look also adds a touch of style and luxury.

Kitchen ideas.

For your kitchen, set up a designated pet feeding area that will keep your kitchen neat and tidy, this convenient space also prevents the mess of knocking over bowls. Set aside several deep drawers for storing pet food in the kitchen. The possible addition of baby gates which keep the pets out of the kitchen when you are busy. To make it easy to clean the kitchen, consider using stainless steel for lower cabinets or high gloss cupboard doors which are not only aesthetic and sleek looking but also durable.

Better functionality

Add and extra level to your existing space by setting up a designated pet area where they will sleep, eat and play, fill this space with toys, their pet bed and pet blanket to prevent them from wandering off into other rooms of the house.


To make your floors better suited for your furry family members, consider installing tiles as a long-lasting solution. Tiles are water, wear and stain resistant. They are also highly durable and easy to clean. Using tiles ensures that your pet is also kept cool during the warmer summer months. This efficient styling ideas give you a variety of modern aesthetically pleasing tile options to choose from. For the kitchen floor, use wipe down tiles for lower levels, the feeding and sleeping areas.

The bathroom.

Pets need to be as clean as you if not cleaner, to ensure this is the case then you have to make several minor adjustments to your existing bathroom; consider using a walk-in shower rather than the conventional tub. The shower makes it easier for larger pets to move in and out. If a tub is your idea, then consider adding a ramp to make it easier for older and less agile pets. A raised bathtub makes it easier for you to clean your pet and reach the stubborn regions while taking unnecessary strain out of your back.

Employ the use of non-slip bathroom tiles and invest in a pet bathmat and towel to avoid ruining other linen with fur. Set aside a cabinet for storing away your kitty litterbox.

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