Moving to Kelowna? These Tips Will Help You Get Started

Welcome to Kelowna!

For a long time, you’ve been contemplating about moving to another country and now, you’re finally ready to put that plan to reality. You fell in love with Kelowna the moment you stepped foot on it. From its stunning landscapes to its amazing lifestyle, you know that this city in the Okanagan region is the best place in the world to call your new home.

But are you really ready to move to Kelowna? Let these tips help you get started:

Decide on the best time to move to Kelowna

Kelowna may have the best four seasons than most parts of Canada, but some of its summer days can be unforgivingly hot and its winter days freezing cold. Since moving to Kelowna can be a long and exhausting process, the last thing you’ll need is bad weather.

Make sure to skip the winter season that runs from December through February. Locals say the best time to move to the city is during summer that lasts from June through August. Temperatures may be hot on some days, but it’s mostly warm and great for most of this season.

Settle in your home in Kelowna

With Kelowna having one of the most affordable housing options in all of Canada and a growing real estate market, buying a house here is easy and cheap. But settling in your new home can be more challenging than you think, especially if you’re moving from another country.

Your first order of business should be to take care of your utilities like power and natural gas provided by FortisBC, and water that is offered by five providers depending on your location. You should also take care of your telephone, cable and Internet provider, which can be provided by either Shaw Cable or Telus. Once you have these basics covered, all the other moving tasks will be a lot easier to accomplish.

Get your tax claim for moving

Kelowna is only one of a few cities that offer tax claims to compensate for the expenses of people moving to their neighborhood. The Canada Revenue Agency will allow deductions to be claimed for temporary living expenses, broken lease costs, transportation and storage, and expenses incurred from changing addresses. The best way to go through this process it to find an accountant in Kelowna to help you.

Embrace the Okanagan lifestyle

Moving to Kelowna means stepping inside a different world, one where life is more laidback but still very competitive. Because Kelowna has favorable seasons throughout the year, locals in Kelowna enjoy the unique Okanagan lifestyle.

You can visit some of the wineries in the area, take on favorite Okanagan hobbies like hiking, skiing and cycling, and even take music or art classes like many of the locals in the city. Of course, don’t forget to make new friends while you’re settling in your new neighborhood.

Choosing Kelowna means choosing a life where you get to enjoy the simple things that make a huge difference to the way you live.

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