Visiting Kelowna or Staying for a While? Include These Activities in Your Stay

The city by the lake, Kelowna, is located at the southern part of British Columbia and named after the Okanagan language term for grizzly bear.

It might not be as familiar to tourists as its counterparts Vancouver and Victoria, but anyone who’s visited Kelowna will assure you that it’s worth the trip. Some have even chosen to call it their home and you could be one of them too.

If you’re visiting Kelowna or staying for a time, don’t forget to include these activities in your itinerary:

Sample the famous wines of the Okanagan Valley

Known as the wine country of British Columbia, Kelowna has some of the finest wineries in the region ranging from small family-run vineyards to sprawling estates that will easily make you feel like your in the French countryside.

Wine tasting in Kelowna is a must-do for tourists and the best way to do it is by joining wine tours where a guide will bring you to some of the top wineries in the city and of course, sample their wines while you’re at it.

Spend an afternoon on Okanagan Lake

The iconic lake in Kelowna is not only a gem for its locals but also a top attraction for tourists. But instead of just admiring its beauty from afar, why not spend an afternoon soaking up the sun on a boat around the lake?

A lot of tourists choose Maeg’s BBQ Boats because you don’t only get to ride in its trademark donut-shaped vessel, but you also get to enjoy barbeque and drinks while on it.

Get cheesy at a dairy farm

If you love cheese, you should never miss visiting Carmelis Goat Cheese, a family-owned boutique dairy farm, cellar and milking station in Kelowna that offers some of the best cheeses you’ll ever have in your life. Whether you prefer the soft-ripened Moonlight or the hard-ripened Goatgonzola, you’ll surely have your fill of cheesy goodness here.

Relax amidst a sea of lavenders

Located in the outskirts of town, the Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm is an eight-acre estate boasts of plants and herbs used for different products like tea, syrup and essential oils, all free of any additives and preservatives.

Visit the farm during the summer when the purple lavender is in full bloom and find yourself surrounded with that unmistakable relaxing scent that will surely get you relaxed in no time.

Shop like a local at the farmer’s market

With more than 150 vendors, the Kelowna Farmer’s Market is a go-to place for locals who want to buy only the best and freshest ingredients from local artisans in and outside the Kelowna region.

Indulge in spa treatments

What better way to cap off an amazing trip to Kelowna than indulging in a wine-themed spa treatment? Being a wine country, the people of Kelowna love their wines so much that they use it to relax.

You can experience vinotherapy treatments, for instance, that uses the byproducts from wineries like stems, skins and pips to make scrubs and lotions.

You can also indulge in massages and wraps also using the same byproducts. Grapes is known to have antioxidant properties so you’ll surely feel more radiant and glowing after.  

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