What are Ideal Home Design Trends in 2019 for Kelowna Residents

Every time new trends in home designs come out, homeowners are left with a dilemma; should they follow them or not?

Are you thinking the same thing? Are you stressing over making a decision?

While design trends are fun to play around, it is impractical and prohibitively expensive to change home designs & and decoration every season. Just imagine the amount you’re going to spend buying new furniture to keep up with the trends.

Of course, it’s your prerogative to follow home design trends or not. If you have the resources to burn, why not?

If you are planning to move to Kelowna and wish to build a new home or renovate an existing one following home design trends in 2019, here are the top trends to follow according to Canadian designers.

Art-deco inspired interiors

According to designer Andrew Pike of Andrew Pike Interiors, there will be a resurgence of interiors inspired by art deco “with layers of details and lots of mixed elements.”

2019 would be the year where “well-appointed and rich richly luxurious spaces” will push restrained and minimalist spaces to the side.

Kitchens will go dark

According to Qanuk Interiors’ Sarah ​Keenleyside & Lindsay Konior, kitchens will have dark countertops and dark cabinets. They highly recommend finishes with a low sheen for the cabinets and the use of honed stone, leathered, or quartz countertops.

To help balance out the darker base, upper cabinets should be finished light. Wood accent should also be added to add a warm appeal to the interior.

Bold and artistic furniture pieces

According to designer Lindsay Agnew, decor trends in 2019 would shift from utilitarian to something bold and creative. It’s the year to add handcrafted and one-of-a-kind pieces in your home and to design the interior with creativity, authenticity, and uniqueness.

Tiles that are large-scale and oversized

Registered interior designer Michelle Mawby believes that oversized and large-scale tiles will gain traction in 2019. Porcelain, in particular, will bring a modern touch and WOW factor into a home, whether it is used on walls or floors.

As for accessories, furniture, hardware and plumbing fixtures, she believes warm metals will remain hot but there will be a transition two finishes that are textured and have bolder polish.

“90% white, 10% pop”

This formula comes from interior designer Lisa Worth. According to her, 2019 is all about creating drama, and designers and decorators will work to infuse spaces with vibrant jewel tones in small doses. Expect to see interiors in modern white with pops of hunter and emerald green or bold indigo.

When should you follow design trends?

If you love the trends in home design and decor. At the end of the day it is your home, and you should love living in it. If wanting to fit in with means sacrificing your personality, it may not be worse following the trends.

If the new design trends work for your home. What started out as a trend may transcend the season and have a long-lasting appeal. In this case, you would want to keep them long after new trends have emerged.

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