Why Does It Make Perfect Sense to Live in Kelowna?

When you think of British Columbia, Kelowna may not always come to mind first. But soon enough, it will be as popular as Victoria or Vancouver. Kelowna is growing every day, but the unofficial capital of the Okanagan already has a lot to offer—from beautiful sceneries to world-class wineries—and it’s only getting started.

Wine country the British Columbia way

The Okanagan region is home to more than 200 wineries and Kelowna is at the heart of it all. Thousands of tourists visit Kelowna every year just to sample its wines, so you can just imagine having access to hundreds of wine options basically right in your backyard.

In fact, drinking wine and visiting wineries are favorite pastimes of locals here. So, if you’re one of those who fancy a good wine drinking session every now and then, moving to Kelowna is definitely a smart decision.

Good weather each day of the year

Unlike most parts of Canada where winters can be extreme and the cold lingers for most of the year, Kelowna has the best of all four seasons: mild winters, stunning springs, sunny summers and crisp autumns. The average summer temperature in Kelowna is 30 degrees Celsius and it enjoyed 2,00 hours of sunshine yearly. Its proximity to the Okanagan Lake also makes Kelowna winters more forgiving than many parts of British Columbia.

So, if you’ve been thinking about moving to Canada but you don’t like the long winter months, choose Kelowna and you’ll have the best of all four seasons in one place.

Amazing housing options that you can afford

A lot of people who live in and outside British Columbia move to Kelowna not only for its natural beauty but also because of its affordable housing. According to the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board, the average residential price in its real estate market is only $509,545, which is almost half of what it would cost you to buy a house in the Greater Vancouver area.

In addition, because you’re paying cheap doesn’t mean living cheap since a lot of houses in Kelowna offer stunning views of the Okanagan lake. There has also been a surge of apartment rentals in the city so you have the option to rent if you don’t want to buy a house just yet.

Activities to keep you energized

Kelowna may not be as bustling as Vancouver, but it still has all the good things that you can enjoy if you move to the city. You can go on a bike ride on the Myra Canyon Trestles, enjoy some snow at the Big White Ski Resort or just watch the Kelowna Rockets play hockey.

Kelowna is also big on cultural amenities. You can catch a play or watch live performances at the Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre, Kelowna Actors Studio, the Okanagan Symphony or Theatre Kelowna. You can even take up music, dance or acting classes in several studios around the city.

Come to Kelowna and make it your home

What’s not to love about Kelowna? If you’re looking for a place to call your home for the next few years, make it Kelowna.

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